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  Name : Alan Walsh
Web Site :
Country : Ireland
How you found us : Looking through pedigrees
Comments : I found your website while looking at the descendants of our Lasheen Simply Red At Lynway. You have gorgeous collies!
Date : 18-Mar-20

  Name : Sandy Speer
Web Site :
Country : United States
How you found us : Gummy Drop page
Comments : I had a Schipperke a few years ago. Her name was Little Do Bear. We called her LD. I thought the Schipperke breed was born with no tail. I see your pictures show tails . Glad I stumbled upon your page. Thank you.
Date : 27-Feb-20

  Name : Kath Heinrich
Web Site :
Country : Australia
How you found us : internet
Comments : Your photos melt my heart. I have owned 4 sable and white collies, over the past 40 years. My last girl died at 14years 4 years ago. I am now a widow and am planning to get another dog in the future.
Date : 11-Apr-14

  Name : Milly Vranes
Web Site :
Country : Australia
How you found us : Google
Comments : I've loved Collies ever since I watched Jeff's Collie when I was a little girl. I see you have a special needs collie pup. I'd love to adopt. What sort of special needs does he have? I have four cats and a rabbit and nursed my 19 and a half year old beautiful Birman girl to when she passed away in April this year. Your website is just great.
Date : 30-Oct-13

  Name : Ann Woodward
Web Site :
Country : sydney
How you found us : website
Comments : Your special needs puppy in what care does this beautiful boy require. both my husband and I showed a collie for years, wonderful nature. Kind regards
Date : 18-Oct-13

  Name : lindsay v simon
Web Site : http://n/a
Country : australia
How you found us : on line
Comments : can you tell me if the beautiful special needs collie pup has found a home because he is such a cutie and I would dearly love to be able to adopt but I am unable to at present, so I am really hoping he finds a home
Date : 2-Oct-13

  Name : Debbie
Web Site :
Country : Australia
How you found us : Collie Club NSW
Comments : Thank you for Jake (Bear). He is a credit to your kennel and to the care you take with breeding and nuturing these beautiful Collies. He is a joy.
Date : 10-Jun-13

  Name : Petra hinds
Web Site :
Country : Australia
How you found us : Dogzonline
Comments : My childhood included a beautiful collie named sabre and I have some wonderful memories of him. I would like a female collie to join my family and my two dogs Lola(golden retriever) and Jagger(standard poodle). Hope to hear from you soon.
Date : 14-May-13

  Name : Kathy Stevens
Web Site :
Country : Australia
How you found us : dogzonline
Comments : I am looking for a "Lassie" look alike for my 5 year old daughter. I was lucky enough to have my own real life Lassie story when i was a child. Such amazing dogs!!
Date : 4-Dec-12

  Name : Marty and Ann Bear
Web Site :
Country : Australia - Sydney
How you found us : Internet
Comments : Hi we lost our loved mate Barney, a Border Collie, after 15 wonderful years a month ago and are now looking to move forward with a new member of the family. We were wondering when your 2012 puppies may be expected? We would be very interested in a male and are more than happy to answer any questions you may have about us.
Date : 14-Jan-12

  Name : Nadine Lucas
Web Site :
Country : Australia - Sydney
How you found us : Internet
Comments : I love the look of your dogs. They have an honourable look. You must be proud owners. how much I love to own one. I have been trying for few weeks now and had no luck in getting a male pup with gold/sable colour.
Date : 11-Jan-12

  Name : Vicki Hawkins
Web Site :
Country : Australia
How you found us : dogzonline
Comments : beautiul beautiful collies!
Date : 17-Nov-11

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